Group conversations are better than ever

Share photos and emoji for more lively conversations

Whether you’re talking just with that special someone or figuring out Friday night plans with the whole gang, Hangouts are like real-life conversations. You can show photos and share how you’re feeling with emoji.

Get together over Video and Voice

Be together from anywhere

Sometimes you just need to laugh out loud. Turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 10 friends or simply choose a contact to start a phone call from your computer. Who says you can’t be together even when you’re not?

All your friends can use Hangouts

Everyone is invited

Don’t worry about what kinds of computers and phones your friends use. Hangouts works across computers and on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So you can connect with everyone, and no one gets left out.

Live-stream with Hangouts On Air

Go live from your laptop

Have a topic you want to share with the world? Go live in front of a global audience directly from your computer in only a few clicks. You can stream a conference keynote, host a worldwide concert or moderate a panel discussion with international experts.